Friday, November 08, 2013

Back in the day at Wilson Mansions when we had a family of 3 + Dog

Before we had Little Wils
We had a Dog called Tess.
She was a Beagle.
When we lived in Cheshire 
she used to run
and run and run - like a wild dog
and open the fridge in the kitchen
and eat food - everything.

Here on this Pipturesque is Big Wils
They are really both The Sheilas.
She is pulling a face just like.....
Conniepops does now - at three+half.

In this era
everyone said I looked like Roy Orbison
but I could not sing.

We lived on the job
with Young Offenders - BHP's
This little beauty was born into
a family of 15 boys
as we were Houseparents at age 22 & 26.

It was all Divine work.
Never work
always MISSION.

I am just reflecting
triggered by this old Pipturesque.

Hmmmmmm feelings too
Tough days but lots of learning
and no regrets .............