Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Feeling - managing them and avoiding DREAD.

I am aware that some people 
are afraid of their feelings 
or/and don't want to contact them 
never mind share them. 

I understand if the feelings are RAW 
and it would be tough to share.   

I believe all feelings are good 
even though some feelings 
are difficult to handle. 

I also believe feelings are signals 
and we need to feel them 
but not be controlled by them. 

Feelings are not right or wrong. 
It's behaviour ...........
which can be right and wrong.

I really do think we need to practice feeling them 
and then sharing them. 
Then people can understand more about us - 
not just what we show in public.

The worst thing
is when we numb feelings
to survive.

The trouble is - 
we can't just numb one feeling
we collectively numb the lot.
ALL are numbed - such as
peace, joy, love and all this
impacts on relationships.

Please don't turn to alcohol
or any form of drugs.
These just numb the feelings
temporary .................
When we stop using
we start to feel again
and that includes dread.
Feelings of failure = dread.

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