Thursday, July 23, 2015

Group work example in Youth Work using Blob Tree Materials


why touch?  

I found that when
I got to grips with my feelings, 
or started to, 
I began to grow as a human person. 

I often I say
I became an adult at the age of (about)
forty years old.

That was part of my journey inward. 
The opening and the owning 
of those vivid things
which seem to influence life 
so powerfully ...
... negative or positive.

"The unreflected life is not worth living" Socrates 

I am with a group of young humans.
I am using this Blob Tool, 
other similar ones
are in books with links below.

I have just led a group
through a process
into this stage.
ALL to facilitate opportunities
for all of us
to step outside
our comfort zones
where growth resides.

I launched in ........ 
'Which Blob is you
right now in terms of feelings?'(on your LEFT)

I start by revealing something of myself.
Taking the risky road
sharing a vulnerability,
I have plenty to chose from.
Then I opened the question up
for others
and ........
......... fantastic level of sharing burst forth.
One young human spoke first.
He was a fiery ball of emotion
and presented unpredictable behaviour daily.

As he spoke,
the silence was deep and intense.
He said what his life was currently,
and moved on to say,
how he wanted it to become.
All by using the Blob Tool.

His large step
was for himself
and for others,
because he knew that,
he had heard me,
that it was good for the group
if the first one to speak
set the benchmark high,
- or in this case low low low. 

What grabbed my soul was
his honesty in terms of sharing feelings. 

Each human in the group
was taking a risks for their own development. 
Raw and to the bone. 
Because it is not only about, 
which Blob describes your feelings,
....... but why these feelings exist? 

Then it came out.
When you work with humans 
who have had massive disasters
in their childhoods,followed by later crippling blows, 
it is something extra special
to hear their stories.
'We can see a persons behaviour,
but we cannot see their experience'

And when they hear the stories of others
it comforts their souls.  

We end by picking a future positive Blob. 
I encourage all to end with a positive, 
healing sharing.
'What/where do they want to be?' 
and I join in all the way through.  

Beautifully so, 
I can see people moving forward. 
I see them progressing in their emotional life. 
Some of them building on their self knowledge, 
self esteem and growing in stature. 
The wholeness of Shalom.

I love it love it 
and it means I am reaching out 
and being touched myself 
by a Shalom finger tip,
being blessed,
being shaken,
being changed
in the presence
of these beautiful humans.

I experience

Now what are you thinking of doing with this Blob Tool?
The best way would be to download
here and print off,
and get others talking and sharing too.
Just thinking about it
hasn't got the same impact.
It needs interaction to enable it to live.
Over to you - the challenge I leave with you
No oppression - just a challenge.

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