Friday, July 17, 2015

If we were together I would be reading your face, which delivers 55% of your communication.

Hey Hey and hello from me.
I am writing to you not knowing you, 
your culture
your challenges 
your work context.
people/youth work context 
your ........ everything!

If we were physically together 
I would be reading your face,
which delivers 55% of your communication.
Also your words and body language, 

100% of your unique communication.

If we could talk, 
look into each others eyes and 
beautifully connect -
that would be wondrous.

But at the moment I will carry on 
clicking these keys and 
............... await some feedback!

Scroll Piplife.
When I was 15 years old my Youth Worker called me to one side
 and said I had to go.
 I was too much trouble and 
 the staff and young people couldn't manage me.
The there was a pause - 
'If you want to stay we want you to be the leader
of these 15 boys'? 
You guessed it - I became a leader aged 15 
and loved the responsibility.

When I was 21 years old I became a Christian.
I could never understand how God loved me
but I wanted the best life to live - 
so I sold out to her.

This is a quick scan through a few of my life experiences, 
the next being,
Mrs Beautiful and me married when she was 21 and I was 25.
Within one year of that massive event, 
(I could never understand why she loved me),
we had sold our home and moved into a 
Young Offenders Unit - 
Residential Special School for Young Offenders.
All boys committed by the courts - 
Mrs Beautiful at aged 22 had a family of 15 boys!
as we became their Houseparents.

Since then we have worked for many years in a number of projects.
All of them with beautiful young humans with special needs
in special needs housing projects including teenage street gangs.
I want to share a few stories
with you about the journey 
and my current work.
My stumbling and fumbling journey into living out faith on the frontiers 
 and not at all in a church context.
I write and share stories about young lives and their - and my struggles. 
I feel with them in their situations. 
I work and yearn to understand them and want for them deeply. 
I, like you, think that violence and aggression is totally unacceptable - 
absolutely horrific much of it,
I have lived with it all my life and
I hate it - 
but that is not enough. 
It is all so very sad.
Very very sad. 

"We can see a persons behaviour 
but we can't see their journey"
I love these young humans - 
not always their behaviour
but love them love them - 
they are beautiful humans.

I struggle to understand.
I strive to understand.
There are ways to see beyond behaviour.
That means getting intimate.
It means getting so close 
that there is 100% trust in one another.
I do that - try.
I want to tell you how I do it - try
AND by telling you ....
... I learn also myself.

My LATEST book is full of stories about my discoveries - feelings - experiences
as I work with beautiful humans
with a passion to see them self determine a different life for themselves. 

That's some of me here.
So full of feelings and trying to understand them.
Yearning to become .............

Lets meet in the Backstreets sometime 
and undress our souls together ………...