Friday, July 03, 2015

Pip Wilson Facilitator Trainer Group-Worker Gamester with the Blob Tree Materials

and it all depends on the LENS you use
seeing others
seeing self
as beautiful human persons

I am a Facilitator/Trainer/Group Worker

Invite me to work with your
Beautiful Human Young People
Your Team of workers.
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These tools have been developed as I work with different kinds of beautiful humans week on week. 

There are Blob Tools with differing purposes because they are flexible for your use!
All about helping people to open up and develop and grow ........ 

I use many of them in my work every week with humans who struggle with life.

I love Group Work and find that creating the right climate of trust and easing humans into self revelation is the most beautiful experience in development terms. 

I also use these tools, and other tools in the range of books, in Facilitation and Training Staff who work with special needs humans (or just with each other ! - each one special !) in the Voluntary and Corporate Sector.

I work with teams of Counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors, managers, Youth Workers, Social Workers, mental health specialists - leaders of all kinds.

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