Monday, July 06, 2015

Love seeing these beautiful humans - buds of flowers- opening up to the sun.

I have learned a lot today, this week, this year.
I am set on fire NOT 

by being with major success stories 
by young humans at the bottom.
I love seeing these beautiful buds of flowers-
opening up to the sun.
Showing their imaginative colours
which are often hidden by all sorts of 
thorns and leaves -
sometimes called behaviour.
I am encouraged to hear beautiful reflections 
coming out of their mouths,
direct from souls, so ravaged in poverty.
A poverty that imprisons the spirit.

We can see the behaviour,
but we cannot see their experience.
It is only intimacy which reveals this.
It is only trust which frees the logjam
It is only a climate 
free from rejection 
which warms and opens.
It is only time and love 
that waters the colourful humans 
into choosing to be 
all that they can become.

I work to create 'an experience' in a group.
Something which generates feelings.
Level Five stuff.
It takes time - 
depending on the insecure/secure state of the individuals and therefore the group.
Revealing self - needs a climate of trust.
Once this experience happens - 
it will live with the human for days.

The experience demands attention. 
Of the reflective type.
A sensitive, aware and skillful worker will ask the appropriate questions afterwards.
NOT a question like  
'was it good?'
but a question like
'Tell me what was the best bit’?

The first question will stir up an answer of yes or no.
The second example will result in a human digging into their soul -
Googleing the soul, scanning it all until they can say::
"I felt ....................” 
and out comes a reflection which makes the earth spin along with it's Creator.