Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sleep loss over-activates part of the brain - my reflections.

*This is part of a BlobTree communication tool available +

I use this tool often
in my own evaluation
and also in my work with groups

Who are you?
Who are you in touch with?

Do you do regular reality checks?

I am in touch 
with humans who are going through tough times

I am in touch 
with humans who have gone through tough times
The most beautiful humans
The scars seem to cultivate openness - vulnerability

Vulnerability is a strength
not a weakness......

I am in touch 
with humans, and privileged to be so,
who are going through massively complex 
and extremely excruciating times.

If only in the secret place within?

If you have a bed to sleep in tonight.
Thank God,
or whoever you acknowledge,
for this privilege.
1 If you could not sleep in your own home tonight, 
where would you go to sleep?
Think - not just read.

OK - a friend or relative - 
I guess.
2 Second question - 
how long could you sleep there 
before you felt you would need to move on?
Think - decide - don't just read.

3 If you had no money, 
no bank account and 
you had to leave home/relative/friend 
- where would you go?

4 If you was not wanted at home, 
if not welcome amongst your friends 
- how would you feel inside?

So many young humans, 
and much older ones,
have experienced 
relationship breakdowns.
Often caused by 
substance misuse, 
mental health issues, 
slump of confidence 
including basic inadequacy.

These humans are in pain 
and it is not chosen.
It is a slide into poverty, 
- a poverty of the spirit too, 
a massive stigma.

The cycle for them will not change
unless other humans 
step out of their comfort zones
and contribute to those 
who are in greater need 
than themselves.
We can always position ourselves as 'needy'.
I certainly do.

If we always only look to see 
those who are richer.
Yet so often, 
never really consider, 
or even look to see,
those who are, 
so called,
'below' us.

All of us cannot 
sell up and go and live in the poorest community.

All of us cannot 
stand alongside homeless humans.

All of us cannot 
change jobs to work alongside youngsters in vital need.

All of us cannot, 
yes we can, 
we can
look out for those
who are on the fringe of our
social network
frequented haunts
everyday places
and ........
go out to them
like no other human does
who they have met that day.

Sometimes they have never met anyone 
like you
life time........

"To be free is
to know who we are,
with all that is beautiful,
all the brokenness in us;
it is to love our own values,
to embrace them,
and to develop them;
it is to be anchored
in a vision and a truth
but also to be open
to others and so,
to change.
Freedom lies in
discovering that the truth
is not a set of fixed certitudes
but a mystery we enter into,
one step at a time.
It is a process
of going deeper
and deeper
into an

Jean Vanier
Becoming Human