Saturday, July 04, 2015

It is One of those days between the storms ......... of activity.

It is

One of those days
between the storms
of activity.
I like the betweens
like the storms
want the storms
want the stretch
want the learning
want the weight
it drives me to my knees ..........

I am feeling OK.
I am feeling satisfied.
Also about to walk the plank.
About to dive in.
About to step out again
on the road less travelled.

I want the new music by::

We have a new baby in our family - Nell.
Love seeing her
day-one was the first time,
day one of her whole life!

It’s her birthday today + two weeks old !
She will be alive beyond me.
I expect 15 years if lucky
(and I don't believe in luck!).
I will pass, she will remain,
that's life.

Funny feelings reside in my soul.
All because this little beautiful human
has come into my life.

The main thing on my soul
is the thing mentioned a number/lots of times
 - how do I ......
how do I break through with 
beautiful dysfunctional humans?

Usually when I am under pressure preparing,
some game/exercise new designs pop up in my head.
The light switches on.
I will try that ............. thinks
I will try that, so I spend ages
thinking through every step
from introduction to conclusion.

I am not at that stage yet.
I need more pressure.
I need to yearn
I need to undress my soul
Living sacrifice it is called …..