Monday, July 27, 2015

Learning LIFE

Feelings are signals not a judgement on you and certainly not instructions for you to follow.
We all have feelings. 
They are information.
We can learn to read them.
Welcome them.
Receive the messages and NOT be reactive but receive the feeling and then decide what to do with that signal.

We do this automatically usually.

But, like staying in our comfort zones automatically, - we can have unthought out responses and be a REACTOR rather than an ACT -or.

The big feelings need to be managed most of all.

(NOT controlled - I don't like the word control because it seems to me it is suppression and blunt.) 
Where-as 'management' means we are learning awareness and skills about our inner workings - learning life !

There is nothing more important inside us than our human emotional signals = we alive


Just love them you beautiful human.