Tuesday, February 09, 2016

#BlobTree Materials in creative mode

#BlobTree Materials in creative mode

One thing I asked IanBlob -
I needed a new
Blob Tree type tool,
three actually.

I need one about 
'Feelings as Signals'
and as I flowed words
Ian sketched his 
wondrous art .....
and Blob figures started to 
emerge in paper before me.

Blobs who receive
*duvet dive
*explode with violence
*smash something
*shout and scream
*eat eat eat eat
*self harm

All these little images
showing negative responses
to feelings/signals.
I would love to keep that
scrap of paper,
as we sat in the ice-cream parlour,
before it becomes
a finished tool for you 
to download - consider?

Then a contra Blob Tree tool
came forth illustrating 
how an emotional intelligent Blob
can respond positively to 
*discussing calmly
*considering options
*talking to a friend
*seeking expert help.

WOW - beautiful tools.
Only a tool, however,
to be used to start 
*emotional literacy.

Our ice creams were melting
as volcanic lava sped down hill
because we were busy creating.

Then we kicked into 
two more Blob Tree Tools.
'Blob Beyond Behaviour'.
This is to encourage
looking beyond/through behaviour, 
to the person in need
by considering 'why' the behaviour.
(We can see a persons behaviour
but we cannot see their experiences).

There is always a reason why behaviour - 
'an obnoxious person
is a hurting person.'

The third was a 
'Blob L5 Group' Tool.
Showing in primary language,
non-verbal communication,
how 5 different groups operate
when communicating in 
all five levels which are::
1 Cliche
2 Facts
3 Opinions
4 Feelings
5 Total Openness.

you will see them 
on these pages 

Next time we meet - 
IanBlob and PipBlob
we will have a creative time
with, next time,
leisurely ice-cream.......

Blob Tree Materials are available 
instant download HERE

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