Wednesday, February 10, 2016

AND the Youth Club Member grows up to be a professional

AND the Youth Club Member 
grows up to be a professional 

I was hitting the cash-in-transit security companies 
about once every few months. 
I had been a consistent and ruthless armed robber 
in the past, 
but with age comes forth wisdom and experience. 
I no longer needed to express myself 
through the barrel of a gun 
on such a regular basis. 

I had, to put it bluntly, 
I still possessed an overwhelming fascination 
for the contents of security vans and trucks. 
I enjoyed the danger of my chosen profession 
and I wanted the big one! 

I wanted to prise, 
relieve and secure the million pound plus heist. 
And when I put my mind to something, 
I know as sure as night follows day 
that I can accomplish it. 
I am the guv'nor.