Saturday, February 06, 2016

Booze - Drinkers - ex Drinkers talk about their relationship with Alcohol

Heavy Drinkers, Party Drinkers, and Ex-Drinkers Talk About Their Relationship with Booze

By VICE Staff
February 5, 2016
Photo by Hannah Lawrence
Many of us spend January 1st thinking about alcohol. 
Often, that's because it's coming out of our noses, 
thickened by the half-digested pizza we picked up on the way back from 
our New Year's Eve party. 
And then comes the rest of the month: What we call "Dry January" and the rigmarole of discussing a colleague's temporary sobriety for an entire 31 days.
This year, the UK government has helped prolong our booze-related thoughts, telling usthat we should drink no more than seven pints per week and that we should think about cancer every time we have a glass of wine. Both of the memos were buzzkills, but they were also completely true.
When alcohol dominates cultural consciousness in the way it has for the past month or so, it's difficult not to consider its role in your own life. To help a few of our friends and colleagues work through those thoughts, we asked them to write them all down and let us share them with the internet.

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