Friday, February 19, 2016

A selection of Blob Tree Tools

Blob School is an educational resource designed specifically for one of the main purchasers of the Blobs – teachers! This practical resource aims to cover all the key areas of school life so that teachers, assistants, school workers, pupils and parents can reflect upon a wide range of contexts and issues which occur throughout the school year.
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The Big Book of Blob Feelings 2 
This practical resource is a follow-on from the hugely successful ‘Big Book of Blob Feelings’. Big Book of Blob Feelings 2 is designed to be used as an extension of the work covered in the original.
A special selection of photocopiable blob pictures designed for work on feelings. 
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The Big Book of Blob Trees 

This unique collection of Blob trees with all its various Blob characters is a fabulous way of opening up discussions about feelings and developing the understanding of emotions, empathy and self-awareness. The different trees show different scenarios that individuals or groups may experience personally. 
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Feelings Blob Cards 

To get individuals or groups talking, turn up any one of
these 48 cards to see what emotions the Blobs represent. You’ll find positive and negative feelings associated with themes such as relationships, friendships, bullying, confidence and more. Includes guidance and activities for individuals and groups.
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Family Blob Cards 
This manual contains a series of structured easy to do picture exercises to help people of all ages express, communicate and deal more effectively with their emotions in everyday life. Providing a series of photocopiable illustrations, it is a source of effective ready made material.
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Anger Blob Cards 

These cards depict different elements of the anger cycle. Using appropriate cards in a variety of activities discussed in the accompanying booklet will facilitate awareness of the causes of anger and help to work out ways to overcome those triggers.
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