Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The most powerful #communication is what we are not NOT saying.

The most powerful communication is what we are not NOT saying.

We communicate with every  physical presence.
We communicate with every eye movement
twitch of our lips
head drop / lift / twist ……….

And so do others.
We can receive or reject feelings and the non-words & words from others::

*The needy, unattractive person asks me how much I can love. 

*The death of a dear one asks me what I really believe about death and how profitably I can confront loss and loneliness. 

*A beautiful day or a beautiful person asks me how capable I am of enjoyment. 

*Solitude asks me if I really like myself and enjoy my own company.
*A good Joke asks me if I have a sense of humour. 

*A very different type of person from a background dissimilar to my own 
asks me if I am capable of empathy and understanding. 

*Success and failure ask me to define my ideas of success and failure. 

*Suffering asks me if I really believe I can grow through adversity. 

*Negative criticism directed to me asks me about my sensitivities and self-confidence. 

*The devotion and commitment of another to me asks me if I will let myself be loved.

* You are beautiful