Friday, October 07, 2016

I guess you have emotional reactions? I do ………..

I guess you have emotional reactions?
I do ………..

In my past life on earth
I exploded often.
Not just on a rugby field.
I had a temper.
It scared me when I once pulled a framed glass fronted picture 
off our wall and smashed it on the floor……
And cut my hand …..
'Bottled up emotions
can damage their

I hear a song and often have emotional reactions.
So spiritual.
So penetrating.

I get angry when I see the TV news
and I feel powerless
seeing beautiful Syrians being robbed of life - survival even.
I have emotional reactions.

A healthy awareness
of injustice - 
that’s what I want to develop.
I have emotional reactions.

A bully
A racist rant
I have emotional reactions.

I guess you have emotional reactions.
Not like mine
but unique to you?

I have mentioned on these pages many times
how I discovered my feelings when I was 40.
I had experienced them for 40 years
but never clocked that I could learn to manage them.

I was on a Gestalt course in the late 70’s
and every time I spouted my opinions
this guy asked::
‘How are you feeling’
on repeat
on repeat
on repeat
on repeat

It was only then that I discovered
I was full of feelings
but opinions/thinking was overruling me.

Feelings are signals.
Not something to suppress.
Part of our unique creation like DNA.
Feelings are not
good or bad.
All feelings are good as signals.
It is only behaviour which is good or bad.

are signals about me!

So I starten on the journey.
My inner journey
STILL walking it
like a Pilgrim. 

If we have feelings
it is never another 
who is to blame.
They are our feelings.

It’s like joining the dots
between what we 
and what we really feel.
outer being
and our
Inner being.


‘How are you’?

I scream quietly !

When I facilitate training
I sometimes share my

My 5-a-day for
Well -Being
but I don’t like ‘well being'
I like

I will share them here one day.

I don’t want to be a REACTOR
I want to ACT …………….

I am forever BECOMING …..