Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Good PRESS about Romford YMCA which used to be my home on earth.

We moved from the Mayflower Family Centre in Canning Town London E16 to another London Borough.
I remember one day early after our move …… Mrs Beautiful and I walked away from our new home in the 11 story tower block – Romford YMCA. 
We walked from the YMCA for ten minutes into the bustling town centre of Romford, London Borough of Havering. 
We talked about our release and liberation. 
We felt free. 
That was a combination of environment housing, Church, pressure of work, client group, community and many others we could not get our heads around in those early days.

I had lost some of my resilience in my work. 
Still bubbling with passion, enthusiasm and creativity. 
Still loving humans with all my heart. 
Still spending lots of extra time with them at their point of need.

I remember that the last months and weeks of living in the East End – I spent lots of time in Crown Court with young humans and their families. Giving them time, support and speaking on their behalf in the Crown Court.
Time drinking tea and wondrous conversations. 
Then shorter blasts of time when I spoke on their behalf in court. 
Spoke honestly of their strengths and development. 
Their prospects for the future.

Now we had a new community. 
A mixed bag of humans in community, 
with my main responsibility towards 150 young humans who lived in the hostel. 
We had a small selection of Students from overseas, 
Ford Apprentices, homeless youngsters and others with special needs.

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