Sunday, October 09, 2016

How do we stay motivated when we do similar jobs every day!

I once read than when soldiers were building the bridge 
over the river Kwai they were really excited 
and motivated because  they were building a bridge. 
Building/creating something! 

They were even upset, if you saw the film, 
when the British commandos came to blow it up 
because they had spent years building it, 
even though they were on the same side!  
What the Japanese did to really break the British Troops 
was to get them to carry big boulders from one side of their prison compound to the other, 
and when they’d done it 
(a massive big stack of boulders) 
they got them to carry them back to the other side of the compound. Pointless, repetitive, soul destroying work. 
That’s what cracked them up and gave real psychological pressure.


How do we stay motivated when we do similar jobs every day!  
I used to work in a factory
on machines all day.
I used to sing all the time.
Enjoying the song and the humans around me.

I’ll tell you what happens to me more and more ....
.. I sit in a cafe and chat with somebody 
who’s perhaps gone through hell in their life, 
maybe has committed crime, 
maybe apart from parents, 
has been hurt by people.  

That is the motivation I get 
being in a helping relationship
by just asking questions of these 
special people 
beautiful humans
turns my heart upside down.