Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Community means "in communion with each other"

My challenge to every staff member I have ever worked with 
was to say hello to everyone. 
Say hello to people you know, 
say hello to people you don’t know.

Sometimes it can’t be a full hello because it is 100 yards away but there can be a smile and a wave. 
Nothing delights me more than when I see someone in a town centre and they give me a little wave and a little glimmer of unique eye contact.
I love it.
All this can build community. 
All of us can build on a short conversation which will become a longer conversation that can aid the building of community.

Community means:: 
"in communion with each other".
When we are in communion with each other
* we open like a flower to the sun
* we become vulnerable
* we reveal or needs
* we reveal our weaknesses
* we care
* we share

This brings us into a "one-ness". 
This brings us into a sense of "belonging".

* Build buildings
* Build community

* Build people