Monday, October 31, 2016

I wont give up. Because you are in my heart.

her sister

The days go by so slow. 
Never ending. 
Never sharing. 
Never trusting.
The road you travel, can be Your friend and enemy.
You just got to take a chance. 
And jump.
Wait and see for what happense, won't help you.
You just have to help, and make Things happen yourself.
And let People around you, that care about you, in. 
Before its too late. 
You can do anything, as long as you believe in yourself.
And People around you believe in you. 
Nothing can stop you, except yourself. 
You thought me that. 
I love you and miss you a lot
You are one of the strongest persons I knew.
And I am going to keep my promise. 
I wont give up.
Because you are in my heart.

Like we used to say and the last thing I said to you: 

By Alise Ellevset to Stine Røøyen Ellevset