Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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Blob Theory

“Life is difficult” 

says M. Scott Peck in his marvellous book, 
‘The Road Less Travelled’.

Everyone has a feel-osophy of how life is, and how to negotiate it.
Some have a better grasp of reality than others.
Blobs have a basic idea which enables them to be successful in almost every context, with every people group, in every age.
They cross so many boundaries because they speak the universal languages of emotion and body gestures.
From the age of infancy we become fluent in these ways of communication before we even talk or read.
This knowledge enables us to understand others and ourselves.
Blobs are beautiful humans who are full of imperfections.
They display a whole range of qualities that we might admire or despise.
They interact with all aspects of what it is to be fully human.