Sunday, October 30, 2016

"you don't like anyone touching you but you are up for a massage?".................. "Well - you are Pip"

My life has been different
It is always different
but this is different.

I have been on unfocused lock-down
I am in drift
finished with the antibiotics
but not the cough
I do things without my two key words
strategic and priority

I have been clearing the decks
finding bits all over the place
(All over the place - that's my head at the moment)

I find lots of bits of paper with
notes to self
2 do's

One today
"touching humans"
about how I touch humans
some warm
some stiff
some rigid
some recoil
some "I love a massage"

One young beautiful human
used to be stiff rigid recoil
but now she says
"You have not massaged me today"
(I only do a one minute job 
as humans sit at their desks)
"How come?" (Pip speak), 

"you don't like anyone touching you 

but you are up for a massage?"
"Well - you are Pip"

Nice that init?

Skin Hunger
I believe in
We would rather be slapped than ignored
I Love touching finger tips with you
Love the freedom

AND when it's right -
to hug

Reach out and touch ..................