Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chrystal Meth POEM.

I have worked with young beautiful humans since I was one - 
I was 15 when I started.
I didn't know I was a beautiful human then !
It was later when I discovered -  
until I was 40 before I discovered I was a BHP.
Thats when I started to say 'you are beautiful' - to you ..........

From factory industrial work and voluntary work in the evening and week-ends 
I went to work residentially FULL TIME with young offenders BHP's.
It was a 'we' decision.
MrsBeautiful & me.
WE had only been married for one year and 
we sold up and took a big step of faith
burning bridges (only non-people bridges)
And then we lived worked loved tried failed along the way 
as we moved to different callings by the wag of a little finger 
and and inner stirrings of he soul.

I could write a book about these things - 
(oh yes - I have done - two books about the journey/life 
and several others full of tools and ideas and games and blobs 
.... see the links above this page.)

Todays pondering, I have so much more to do but 
I want to share on this blog daily if I can - 
is about 13 years ago.
I had left my work at Romford YMCA 
(yes all that is in a book) 
to go back to my roots as a youth worker/group worker/trainer - 
freelance - sacrificing security for freedom.

I was immediately engaged to conduct group work 
on a daily basis in several locations mainly in London.
Hostels where BHP's - young humans, 
often hanging on to life by their finger nails, 
lived and developed their potential in a climate of trust 
which so many workers strived to build with them.

12 years ago I was working/ loving/ being /becoming 
with a community of young beautiful 
(I can't help saying this about them) 
young adults 
(late teens and early 20's) 
and I met Sara.
I would love you to write the story of your life Sara.
It would be great for me and fantastic for so many young guns 
who are travelling now on the roads you travelled.
Maybe I can encourage you to do some of that - if not all the journey?

ANYWAY - 13 years ago we collided.
We met
She came to my late night group work sessions.
She came to my lunchtime sandwiches and tea group work sessions
and we talked often as I hung out my frame in that large hostel in West London.

Recently we made contact again thanks to her and Facebook.
So many memories gush within as I remember again some of the great exchanges.
She was the one who introduced me to Chrystal Meth.
I had never heard of it and she was my teacher.

That is just a lead-in to a poem she wrote for me back in 2003.
Fantastic - full of feelings = reality ..............

I always encourage people to write.
It is cathartic - it is developmental - it it wondrous for us all.
She gives me permission to print this poem with her name.
(I would love to post a Pipturesque too but I have not asked her !)

The Feeling.

A face so blank
Some eyes so true
A whisper in my ear
But still no clue.

A hidden secret
An invisible past
I-low much longer in this world
Do these tears have to last?

A laugh so loud
A scar so deep
Some words said to me
I'll always keep.

The pain and love
And I'll always remember
The one who was there
2002, last December.

An empty voice
Nothimz more left to say
Except I'm proud to be
Who I've become today.

By:  Sara O’Donovan