Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hoping to have my first nights sleep tonight.

Had a tough 5 days with watery stingy eyes, rasping cough, sore throat & sleepless nights.
I had to depart to our lounge at night to ensure MrsBeautiful got some sleep.
Paracetamol are laughing to their bank - so are the cough medicine & throat soothing sweets.
The worst is my inner eyelids are bright red + 2 bloodshot eyeballs
AND I never get a cold !

Then this afternoon MrsBeautiful tripped out of our back door down the concrete steps cutting herself - knees hands & all shook up. 
No broken wrists or bones as she did in 1999.

So I have been quiet keeping away from 121's and my Mac - so little to be said through lack of energy.
I have much to prepare for a busy end of year with hardly one Saturday/week-end free.

Hoping to have my first nights sleep tonight.