Sunday, August 27, 2017

struggling with their mental health ... I'm OK - Your'e OK

Destiny Blue uses her creative talents to support those—including herself—who might be struggling with their mental health. “I'm an artist who deals with her demons through drawing,” she explains, “and I've written openly online about my experiences with mental illness.” In powerful images, she confronts feelings of self doubt, worthlessness, and thoughts of suicide. Each piece of mental health art reveals a bit more about her inspiring story, which is shared on her award-winning DeviantArt account.
Full of color, Destiny’s digital figurative work uses symbols and wordplay to convey her mental state. In one of her most affecting drawings, she has a side-by-side image of the same scene—but with slightly different viewpoints. In the left panel, a character writes “I’m Ok” on one side of wall. The right rectangle, however, reveals how she’s really feeling by showing that “I’m Ok” is actually “I’m not Okay” when viewed from an alternative angle.