Saturday, August 19, 2017

There is no love without self disclosure

...... hey 
how are you ? 

Makes me think what is happening in your life to cultivate those feelings. 
Have you some decisions to make? 

Me ............ feeling tired now. 
At peace - mainly. 
If I had some strong emotions they would be there in my gut and in my head like toothache. 
-Q-What do we think about when we have toothache? 

Our current pain can posses us and preoccupy us 
so much that we cannot function well in other life areas. 

So I feel sensitive about the week ahead because 
I have stuff to prepare so I can love people. 
I have decided to make my life and act of love. 
I have decided that the best we can give another human is - love. 
There is no love without self disclosure - 

otherwise we are only giving the 

surface, the crust, the mask and a performance. 
Authentic love is self disclosure. 
Real live is self disclosure. 
Love is self disclosure. 

Sometimes it hurts -it triggers deep emotions in myself.
Vulnerability I guess.

Hope you are getting to know yourself better.

A beautiful human waiting to be understood more .........