Friday, March 09, 2018

When I asked if I could ask a question & 60 humans said yes - and now there is a book. Like Stardust ........


I have always asked questions.
There is never a right or wrong answer.
Only you have the right answer - 
Because they are BECOMING Questions.

One day I posted on my website:: & Twitter / Facebook

‘Can I ask you a question?’

60 people from around the world said yes !

That got me excited so I asked a question online
and then re-Tweeted it / re-Facebooked it and I had a massive response.

There followed 15 weeks of Questions.
I posted one Becoming Question every Sunday
and posted on my www every Saturday - 
and the 
beautiful humans responded
undressing their souls 
so SO unlike so much chatter online.

I was encouraged by all this response & a book came to mind.

The reflections from so many
are so powerful
I wanted to share them with the world
encourage each book reader to add their own answer
as an act of BECOMING.
(I would love you to consider that?)