Tuesday, May 21, 2019

RAPUNZEL - The story of a young woman. Young and beautiful but she did not know it.


The story of a young woman.
Young and beautiful.
Imprisoned in a tower with an old witch. 
She was told by the old witch that she was ugly, all the time.
One day Rapunzel was gazing through the window of the tower she saw her Prince Charming at the base of the tower. 
She lets down her long hair, long and beautiful tresses. 
It fell to the ground alongside the Prince who braids it into a ladder and climbs up to rescue her.
She was imprisoned not by the tower but by the fear of her own ugliness which the witch had described so often.
Rapunzel sees the reflection of her face in the mirroring eyes of her lover. 
She sees that she is beautiful and becomes free from her imagined uglyness. 
She was not really imprisoned but locked in the prison towers of herself. 
She believed she was ugly because she was told she was ugly.
We need to see in another’s eyes our own beauty, special ness, uniqueness and become free.

You are a beautiful human person.


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Friday, May 17, 2019

Some Music for you from 'The Secret Archives of the Vatican'

Trees giving off wi-fi signals.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Where I am now …………

Where I am now …………

I remember .......
I was in a family kitchen helping to dry up the dishes when
I asked a question::
‘Are you where you want to be?”

There was a deep silent pause = feelings were being processed - words searching ……

I had asked question relevant to this beautiful human
there was not a reluctance to brush it of - change the subject - or go superficial ……

Where are you?
Are you where you want to be?

I am only asking you this question because
I am asking myself right now as I click keys …….
and I don’t know my answer yet.


My body has just had a big birthday 
and it happened with many BHP’s saying/messaging strong affirmations to me.
I thank you if you are one of these blessings givers.

These triggered a lot of feeling inside my ancient frame.
It has taken me, the whole experience, some amount of time to recover from the energy I used
in receiving these joys.
I have felt really tired and I have to re-visit where I am at AND
where I want to be..

“I am in the the 
process of becoming
what I want to be.”

I am still working.
Every day but not everyday on the road.

I am facilitating training - awareness and skills stuff with various groups of humans who invite me.
If you follow this website ……...
(which I would love it if you subscribe to receive a daily email - 
see www.pipwilson.com - the sidebar on the right.)
……… you will see / read reflections on these parts of my mission.

I use photos images & Blob Creations on my www and in my Mission gigs on the road.
They have much more impact on you and me than many words spoken or typed.

Still foundational in my Mission Statement is::-

"Seek the Shalom of the city
where I have sent you
because in it’s Shalom
you will find your own Shalom”

This was quoted by me at the end of my first book
 'Gutter Feelings’.
FIRST Published in 1985
and republished / added to / extended in 2012.
(search Lulu.com for a direct dip into this book)

I am where I want to be because I am still undertaking  ’Seeking SHALOM’.

I want to retain this part of my Mission as long as possible.
The rest of my mission work is managing BlobTree.com, with my Blob partner Ian Long, 
&  the many spin offs from many people who use the Blobs in their own work/Mission.

I can’t be where I was
non of us can be - 
but I am in a place where I want to be - 
but it is more towards the shallow-end now!

BUT I am still taking work nationwide and abroad for the year forthcoming.
Taking on new challenges.

I remain where I want to be.



You are what ......................

Dad questions ............

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

“Bragging about my strengths......”

“I’ve never made a friend by 
bragging about my strengths, 
but I’ve made countless 
by sharing my weakness 
& my emptiness.” 

Glennon Doyle


We can still LOVE = L O V E

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Bugge Wesseltoft = TRY - VIDEO

HATE ME - A VIDEO ...................

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