Tuesday, February 22, 2005

TheBeautifulJulie .......

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..... Monday seems so far away but it was yesterday. By great design there was four of us who met at 'The New Piccadilly Restaurant' to chew on the cheapest steak in the beautiful west end of London Town.

All before the Greenbelt meeting ....

There was Big John and Jules, all the way from the North East of England and full of gorgeous Geordie. A twin birthday gig - both birthdays during the past seven days.
Paul was with us - all the way from Guernsey ......... just about as, within the coming week, he flys to Africa with a delegation from Christian Aid. God bless him and the precious family left back home.

And me ........... pipdotcom ........... Joan could not make it as she is caught up in hospital duties.

beautiful human moments .....