Saturday, February 26, 2005

This was my first book .....

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... I clicked about feelings and tough things even then .....

....... and now I am a long way from home ......

One good thing about being away from home and doing the hospital visiting - we can go and see our team play. We did last night.
Now you non-Rugby League types my not know that this is the most exciting and physical game on earth. Joan and me were there last night with about ten thousand other and we won!
Come on the Saints.
The last time we saw them live was in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff when we won the Cup.
I love the Team and the whole game.

One strange behaviour observation.
A older man (about my age!!) was constantly f'ing and blinding about his own team. No being positive and urging them on - just slagging them off. Any mistake or any error in the team moves .......... negative.
I guess this man must be tough to live with?
I think my team have;-
Beautiful Imperfection.
I love em. When they make mistakes I regret that and groan. But I understand that they are imperfect.
Do you treat yourself like this. Do you expect to make mistakes and therefore feel liberated in the days breathing - walking - relating?
Or do you slagg your self off?
Just a wee observation and a reflection .....

.... and now .....
My mind keeps a flicking from one thing to the next (that bit was 'cliche' eh?)

From people in need - to what I need to prepare for this coming week.
From daughter Ann in Berlin - to humans in need.
From wanting to read a book which is feeding my awareness/soul and listening to more and more recorded music now on my iPod.
From visiting hospital to trying to get some certainty when there is little.
From needing to do the domestic to yearning for stretch.

I want to tell you who I am and maybe that did - maybe a bit vague?

..... well - today is today and tomorrow ......... I will experience some more 'beautiful imperfection' ......

you are beautiful .....