Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Here I am late again ......

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.... I am sipping water from the biggest drinking glass we have indoors - cannot stop drinking it ....... zig has retired early and me just about ready for zedz.
Regular clickers this way will have noticed that I have not been keeping up with the passing days - in blogging terms that is. Life has been a busy and I have neglected to reflect in this way .... so here goes .......

I did find time today to see the GP about my 'leaky right eye'. The stand-in GP advised me to go to the optician and not the eye hospital as I did some eighteen months ago. Then they told me I had a jelly floating around in my eye socket and it would drop off eventually and I would not have the 'swinging blanket' disability any more. It is still there AND the leaks too.
Will try to do that in the morrow.

Feel ok and good really - considering I am home and Joan still wrestling with the NHS and getting Joyce, my Mother in Law, out of hospital and home. The system has been good - don't get me wrong - I am not a negative moaner about the fab job people are doing - often with no appreciation. By the time Joan gets back I will be working away again but the plan is that we will both be home next week-end which will be a much awaited treat.

I am, as well as working, thinking through stuff which excites me. It is all part of the road less travelled we are on. (you and me that is!)
My main thoughts are along the line ........... that our negative behaviour is largely (totally?) from what we have learned in the past through interactions since childhood. So largely we are not living in reality - we are stirring the old pot and churning out the comments/answers/threats/compliments of or former relationships. So we are not living in reality - hear and now.

When we are positive - it seems to me - we are working out in our head, emotions, attitudes, belief systems AND behaviour, the right responses in all human relationships. Don't get me wrong. In the difficult times we are faced with tough decisions BUT we can chose the best options when we are in charge of our wholeness and the spirit of God in charge of our soul.
I love that bible bit about us all being made in the image of God.
I love that activity of standing in a circle and passing around the comment to one another;-
"Thank you for showing me what God is like"
It is better still when the circle has everyone touching their unique finger prints against one another - joining the circle by touch.

How the hell do you work that out you say ....... seeing that you always talk and click about being;-
Beautiful Imperfection.

That journey into beauty is the road less travelled.
That imperfection is when we are trapped in the past life - the old - the oppressive. We will never get to full wholeness but it is great working at it.

The finger tips thing reminded me that I have been invited to go to a YMCA conference in Mumbai (Bombay) in India. They have asked me to go and do some funky stuff with the 600 participants. The trouble is - I would have to pay all the costs myself and take unpaid leave from work - stink. It is a no-go methinks.

Got to go ........ late again Wilson ....... zzzzzzzz