Saturday, March 26, 2005


Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.


You are a Beautiful Human Person as you read this.

Read this and absorb it-don't read these words flippantly.

Are you reading?
They are written for YOU especially YOU.

You are a valuable person
You are a special person
You are a unique person
You are beautiful You are precious
You are unrepeatable
You are mysterious
You are a beautiful human person

No one will ever exist like you
No one will ever experience a life that you have experienced
You are a collection of specialness that has never been put together before

Your life deserves a film premier at a West End cinema
You are so special and uable that Jesus has died for you He loves you so much that he has given his life for you His love is completely and totally 100% for you His love for You is unconditional

If you became a better person now, if you became a committed Christian today-either or both, God couldn't love you any more tomorrow.

His love for you is total NOW and he cannot love you any more. Of course he deserves a response and it makes him happy if we respond BUT his love is not dependent on it. You are 100%, totally and completely loved.

pip wilson
Easter 2005