Saturday, March 12, 2005

You are you are you are ......

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I am never ill
Sick yesterday!

Ten years without having a day off sick and ...

I have been away folks ..... moving from sleeping in a Hostel to a poshest of Hotels. Working with beautiful human persons in both venues.
The run of away-ness and busy times has kept me off these keys until I get home on Thursday and ..... then I hit this sickness. From 11 pm through to 6 am I was being sick of the worst kind - every half hour.
When I am sick I go weak and lie on the floor before and after the act. I remember once returning from an interview in Scotland and spending the whole journey on the train toilet floor.

Bad - real bad, I let down the humans I was due to facilitate on Friday as I spent my recover feeling like a sack of spuds - not eating but downing the boiled water by the pint.
I feel bad that I let them down. It is not like missing a day at the office - it was a special day all prepared and ready for the needle in the groove.
Sorry Dan and all.

I had to spend a day being unable to read, watch tv, click keys, - a helpless babe. Beautifully IMPERFECT.