Monday, March 21, 2005

I feel I feel I feel ......

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...... been a 12 day a coughing lifestyle for me ....... life is exciting eh?
I see the Doc tomorrow and see if he recommends amputation.

Love to love you baby ....... and so says Donna Summer.

I have that passion ...... to love you baby .......... I just feel a big passion when I see humans and even better as we emerge together as personalities.

It hurts when I get close and I discover deep hurt and even abuse there. It is a privilege to have that shared but the love aches with empathy as it leaks out. "I don't want feelings anymore" - she said to me.

I am going to 'love' tomorrow ......... some humans may call that 'work'

Why people change

1. slow despair, boredom.
2. They hurt sufficiently.
3. The sudden discovery that they can.