Tuesday, March 22, 2005


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........ WHAT DRIVES YOU? ........ someone said.
Hmmm - what a question.
I like questions.

What drives me?

I could go on about the past but I must think of 'now' and not the past.
"You never step in the same river twice."
I have moved - you too.

I don't like humans.

I love em.
So on the personal level I have a passion which drives me to 'be' with people to walk through my development with them - and me walk with them in theirs.
That is you my friend. I count you as being part of that process if you click this way more than once.
Interacting with humans is a desire and that drives me. It stimulates me to yearn and grow and I trust that this emerging relationship will be good for 'the other' too.

Intrapersonal. That is me interacting with me.
What drives me is the journey into self discovery and especially in relation with others. I am not a book person but love books. Drink em.
I suppose I am a spiritual person but don't particularly feel that.
God was a strategic decision for me.
It was more like falling in love.
It was a major decision.
I just had to chose that way at the time.
I decided to be a follower and, how I did that forty years ago, is very different than now. I am glad. No regrets.
To be one of the Masters cracked pots is a privilege.

I also reflect on my experiences and what I have learned. Learned imperfectly. What drives me is doing business with myself. The journey inward - being the longest journey.

But I am driven beyond the personal and spiritual ....... like

The Social ?
The Cosmos ?

I must reflect here too!