Saturday, March 19, 2005

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pip june
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.... the young woman coming to talk with me was clearly sad and sat down and began to pour out her issues.

A video in my mind plays this little scene. I can see it replay now. I can feel the feelings I had then - as it plays.

I had just got to the stage of trying to ease out the persons feelings. Going around and out again. Her feelings were evident but she could not verbalise them. They were buried deep behind the disturbance she carried like toothache which was hiding all the other feelings.

Then an outside intervention.
A man came and offered chocolate to the young woman which she gladly accepted.
It was a pure act of sensitivity and beautifulness.
He must have seen the distress and acted.
A man with needs too.
Just giving what he could.
He did not hinder the one on one conversation - but added something special - like a prayer it was.
A chocolate prayer.

We continued the chat and it went deep and purposeful ......... but ...... the story of that may come out when I click this way again.

At the moment - I just want to replay that chocolate moment again .......
The Chocolate Video.