Sunday, March 06, 2005


Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

..... I will be sleeping in my own bed and also three others - this week.

One will be in a posh Hotel and two others in differnt London Hostels.

I will be working at stretch of differing kinds.
Lovingit lovingit .......

Also stretched and challenged and learning from my;


I guess I will learn more from my imperfection.
I guess I will glow more in the beauty of experiences. I need those bits. Never expect positive feedback but love it when it hits.

The deepest beauty comes from within.
Placed there by a unique finger tip on the soul (see; )

I feel I have so much I want to click on these keys. For my reflection. You reading it is a bonus. Thanx.

Must get back to prepping ...... maybe a click-a-da-keys-a-bit-later?