Tuesday, March 29, 2005


u2 fame
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... reading the reviews on U2 dot com and other sites about the U2 first show of their tour called VERTIGO ...

"....Already Willie Williams' stunning new show design was catching every breath - not least for fans with seated tickets who were the only ones who could see that the stage floor itself was embedded with lights, periodically hosting racing contests between different series of coloured illuminations. (You had to be there... as many of you will be sometime this year.)

In fact it turned out to be a show full of surprises. When was the last time in the same show that we saw Larry on keyboards, Adam on guitar, Edge on bass and Bono on drums ? Did we ever ? (Let us know, if you think so.)

'Thanks for waiting for us, thanks for waiting in line for tickets,' explained Bono in the break after New Year's Day. 'It's a great night that we made it here, we didn't know that we would... it's a miracle.'