Tuesday, March 08, 2005

..... Look Around You .....

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

..... and another day of being with humans and trying to set up informal events in which 'experiences' can happen and also development.
A caterpillar looks nothing like a butterfly but one develops from the other

......... I see hope for the humans I work with - 'be' with.
Sometime ago a TV producer wanted to make a tv programme about the humans I worked with and me. He wanted to call it;
I objected.
Sometimes we have to be the hope for people - because there IS hope.

Someone once said to me; "I am dead already"
Yet it was truly said - and meant.

Sometimes humans have few resources to bring to being successful humans.
Successful parents
A Husband
............... even a friend.

That is why unconditional love is important.
The bruised and broken can find many who look down on them and despise them - even.
What we all need is love.
And it seems to me - it is not love unless it is unconditional.

We need to have eyes to see.
It takes time for the butterfly to emerge.
It is so uncomfortable being an emerging butterfly ....... human.

We need to look ........ it seems to me ....... and see .... and feel and ....

"Look around you - there are people around you.
Maybe you will remember one of them all your life
and later eat your heart out because
you didn't make use of the opportunity to ask them questions."

Alexander Solzhenitsyn