Thursday, March 31, 2005

...... when away at Greenbelt ....

gb w:p
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............. got two emails just ....... one from Cary from Belfast who I fell in love with at High Leigh on a Greenbelt w/e. Our first meeting was Level 5 and expect it to be like that forever ....... there was a glass or two of Cointreau being shared around the group at the time .......
Read her sponnee new blog on;

The other email is from another woman I love who is homeless and I love her much. She gives me all she has in terms of relationships - she has slept rough on the streets - drugs to keep away the freeze inside and drink of sad kind to keep as a friend ..... sometimes her only friend who does not give her grief .....

I feel blessed by both contacts ...... that they would trouble to contact me and give out from their soul ..... and I love it and thrive on it ......

Just thought I would tell you about what touches my soul .....

Pip Wilson BHP
(I would rather be a BHP than a Sir Pip!!!)

"work like you don't need the money
dance like no-one is watching
sing like no-one is listening
love like you have never been hurt"