Thursday, February 24, 2005

~~~~ BLOOMING ~~~~~~~~

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

... a young man told me yesterday ......... he was talking to a long lost love, the first time for five years.

He was on the telephone looking through the window as he talked.
Daffodils in his room were in full bloom - other than one.
One daffodil was closed.

After five minutes of conversation - he looked again and the daffodil had opened into full bloom.
He said boldly, in front of a group, there is something happening which is beyond me ......

That was a special work of wonder yesterday ......... and sometimes we don't see it ....

"Van Gogh saw
the way our hearts burn
like the pinwheel stars
swirling in the night-mad sky,

the way our spirits,
bent and bruised in life's field,
reach endlessly upward
like the cypress trees
full of knotty whorls
curling upwards to mingle with,
and plead benediction from,
the sea-waved sky,

the way wild-maned sunflowers
are almost dizzy with themselves
and the power of heavy seed
flaming within them.

Lose an ear,
lose your mind.
Lose your life,

while your resolve scatters
like crows over the wheatfield
and Lazarus forever blooms
under a fiery sun."

Raphaelle Kosek