Friday, February 18, 2005


pip red pill
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...... I have returned to 'The Matrix' movie.
On the week-end, Robert Beckford reminded me of the 'red pill' and the 'blue pill'.

The Blue pill;
stress free
no change

The Red Pill;

decide NOW and pick up a pill now - in your mind - and take it

I have used this - this week, in the groups I do and with several individuals too.
Have you done it - because my clicks that follow will have more meaning if you do it .......

Most humans this week have made an instant decision.
Both have been taken.
Some have gone for the red pill - and explained why.
Some have gone for the blue.
A number going for the blue are humans who have had a tough life or are having such a tough time right now.
I understand deeply why they physically picked the blue pill.
The red is attractive to them but NOT NOW.

Some - including some with special needs, picked up the red.
It entered the mouth and, the Smartie, was swallowed.

I can take the red.
I must.
No judgement on those who do a different drug.

The discussion after the act of taking it - fab fab.
IT TRIGGERS reflection on life NOW and also how it can be in the future - the next step - around the next bend .......

Leave a pile of two colours of Jelly Beans on your work bench or desk.
Red and Blue only.
When asked about them - tell the story - ask them to pick one - physically. It is more powerful.
Better than a 'heady' discussion.
The discussion can be wonderful as humans explore life .......

The RED irritates ........ the RED refreshes the irritation.

That is what I have been doing some of the time this week .............