Monday, February 14, 2005

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I like to send you a few things. Like I like to press my unique finger tip against yours ....... and how I like to ask a question. Let me ask one now er er er ......

I will try this one which I did last week in different places with humans with special needs - and they are special.

Get a piece of paper and place a dot in the centre.
Then draw a circle around it and three others around it in increasing sized circles.
Three sticky dots for each human ....... or if you are doing this alone just use a pen.
The three different coloured sticky dots are good with a group because people move and make a decision, self revelation to self and others, by sticking/placing a dot in that very place.
Question one - and I used this in a lead in to Valentines day remember - place the first dot in the right proximity to yourself which is in the centre. This person who you love most or, better still, who you feel the closest to you. Each member of the group does that - naming the person - if they are ok with that.
Then the second round with another 'dot' and then a third.
In a group - discuss.
With yourself - feel the feelings you have ...... but be honest.

The process - the feelings - the discussion, is revealing and delivers a sense of reality.


"The whole person is on the one side open to God,
and on the other side open to other people.
The isolated individual is not a real person,
for a real person lives in and for others.
This idea...could be summed up under the word love.
We become truly personal by loving God and by loving other humans.
By love,
I don't mean merely an emotional feeling,
but a fundamental attitude.
In its deepest sense,
love is the life,
the energy,
of the Creator in us.
We are not truly human as long as we are turned in on ourselves.
We become whole only insofar as we face others, and relate to them."
Kallistos Ware

........ you are .....bhp