Monday, February 14, 2005

==== Tony Campolo ====

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..... had this man was at the week-end ....... a man I have long respected and a regular speaker at Greenbelt of years.
A sociologist
Inner city
Christianity into practice

His talk to the conference was a chat, not a hot preach.
he shared his view as an American - about the USA political system, as an insider as he used to be close to the past President.
His views on Bush and the war were as radical as I have heard AND coming from a clear Christian view point.
He disturbed my comfortable.
My view is - I am a desperate housewife when it comes to war - I hate it and did not agree with it. yet i am a supporter of the current government due to the delivery of many of the issues I feel are important to me as a Christian human and a lover of all humanity. They have led on social justice issues like no government in history - in my view.
You may have heard of my 'beautiful imperfection' clicking on his little glass screen of yours.
Governments too are like this.
All beautiful humans
All imperfect.
What an imperfection - to go to war and see the death of over 100,000 Iraqi humans and a nearly 2000 troop human persons.

hmmm .... this Campolo talk will be available to download from the gb website soon - I hope Bigjohn and big webmaster Paul!
If you are pro-life pro-anything beautiful human-wise ......... I yearn that you get it and get churned over.
I want to hear it again NOW.

"I find it strange that the last place I can really quote Jesus these days is in American churches.
They don't want to hear 'overcome evil with good.'
They don't want to hear 'those who live by the sword die by the sword.'
They don't want to hear 'if your enemy hurts you, do good, feed, clothe, minister to him.' They don't want to hear 'blessed are the merciful.'
They don't want to hear 'love your enemies.' "

- Tony Campolo, quoted in Christian Week magazine