Sunday, February 20, 2005

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......... Training today ...... leading a Training day for a Child Care Team ....... all leaders of teams doing beautiful work with bhp's.
Team Building
Self Revelation
Sensitivity Training
Spiritual Awareness
Situational Analysis
Forward Planning
Community Building
love it

As well as that I have had the British Gas men in the house for three consecutive days and a failure to arrive day ........ that means 5 days with no heat ........ funny how it works when they leave but not later! Grrrr

Joan is away doing the M in L hospital gig which means we are not together again and we feel it. It is right at this time - we need to give special time to that human priority. But you still feel it!

I bought a DVD and playdotcom delivered it cheap and quick and I watched it in cold, fleece wrapped, house tonight - all on my own.
Unusual but loved the movie. One of the few relaxing things I do. But often don't invest in a dvd as they are only really watched once.
Bourne Supremacy.

Have been excited twice this week. Really excited.
1 Meeting Ian my friend and artiste who drew the blobs for me some many years ago. We were talking about new creative ideas and books.
We spent some good time in the New Piccadilly ~Restaurant - yes again.
Normally I get deep satisfaction from life - sometimes I get excited.

2 Friday I watched the Saints on TV for the first time this Super League season. We were in battle with the World Champions - Leeds.
We last - away. But it was sooooooo exciting to see them play so well. With Joan being away I was picking Zig up ans swinging him around every time we scored. I love this sport. Football I can take or leave -the latter usually.

Tomorrow I will see my daughters Joy and Ann. We will dine with friends and a Sunday roast without Joan - sad. We will then have drinks and say farewell for wee while to a friend going on tour with the greatest band in the world ....... who I will be planning to see in;
and other places if I can ............ sometimes I cannot make it on my own.
Then- after a full day of people treats - will return to a cold house - cold bed - head under the covers to get warm and a needy sleep before a busy and snowy week ahead - it seems.

Monday is a Greenbelt meeting ...... will be seeing Big John and Jules ....... and Paul Guernsey who will be staying the night with us ...... and loads of others.

This week I have been busy. I feel I have not paused much to reflect on that vital commitment to 'tell you who I am'.
You never step into the same river twice - and that is the same with me and you ................... ?

Five words to describe my life at the moment;

Tell me yours ............. ?

When I had dinner with the Queen ........ I told her about the five word which came out of Santos ......... he has a fab story about his life ....... I told the Queen about him and his five words. I didn't have the courage to ask her for 5 words to describe her life at the moment.

One or two samples below ....... and Santos;

Santos 16/1/03


Dave H 17/1/03

"work like you don't need the money
dance like no-one is watching
sing like no-one is listening
love like you have never been hurt"