Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Beautiful Humans.
............. I love being with humans like you .................

Been in London Town today. Places I would take you if you came to visit our great city. Underground London. The New Piccadilly Restaurant and Maison Bertaux. in Greek Street Soho. Hmmmm

Met Bex and we walked and talked. I used to work with her and loved that two years working with her and other great staff ............... and special humans who have left great memories and massive learning in my soul.
I wa
s working in stretch there.

We caught up with all our mutual news.
Great .................keeping contact ............ and will forever .....

In Greek Street we visited a little Art Gallery.
Call and have a peek if you are in town. The displays change regularly.

Also great to meet Andy T, my second phase visit to the New Piccadilly.
It is great to catchup on all out news, how our work projects are going. Then we plunge into depths of trying to understand our roles and challenges. Love it.

I want to keep all my good relationships. Social Capital it is called. I call it 'great stuff'.
Afterwards I slipped in to the Apple Store to pick up a firewire cable to get my new Macbook Pro up and running. I have had it for one full week now and not even turned it on yet. I am scared of these things. I need to move all my stuff from my little G4 12', to my new faster machine. Maybe I will do this tomorrow when I return home after work. I feel nervy again ..........


........ these words really say it all about a person.
We all know what they have done.

The trouble is ...... so many crimes are committed in the heat of the moment, and don't we all heat up and get ratty - even with those we love.

So many crimes are near miss murders.
So many murders are near miss assaults.
So many dysfunctional humans are living near miss lives.
Living at such risk due to the lack of awareness and skills in managing emotions.
So many living lives which could take a twist which would leave them with a label -'Murderer' due to living lives which are at risk.

I am not supporting violence, crime, murder of course.
I am saying that so many beautiful humans are at risk.
I am also saying that we can play our part by not only spending time with humans who are socially 'just like us'.
But deliberately spending time, forging relationships, with those who are not very much like you.
Stretching ourselves to smile - speak - eye contact - chat - laughter - converse ......... and even touch those who we don't relate to now.

Or we could buy a house with a high wall - gates - secure ...........
............. in fact, it sounds like I am talking about a ghetto!

"Never build walls until you know
what you are walling in - or walling out."