Wednesday, May 23, 2007

.... it is hot here in the south of UK.
Two hot days today and yesterday. Summer heat. The travel by tube and train was terrible. Sapping energy out of a tired mind and body.
So glad to get home.

Many reflections. Being with beautiful humans stimulates and switches on the washing machine in my mind.
The wonderful thing about group work is the progress which can be made over a period. One week there is an uncooperative human ..... silence is the basic behaviour. Sometimes it is more proactive. Sometimes abuse. I expect this. Sometimes it is just the sense of insecurity and this is a defence.

A delight is when - later ............ maybe a few weeks on - and the same human suddenly reveals a real and powerful part of the hurt inside. It gushes out. Maybe prepared. Having heard others ........... others who have opened up and shared their vulnerability ............ it is beautiful because, as much as it hurts, it is at last a facing up to reality. It is real. Articulating it ........ is owning it ......... and it is such a relief.

They are on a cliff edge. They are taking risks.
I need to do that too.
I will show you mine if you show me yours.
Always there is a risk taken to create an experience not just a heady discussion.
I am after, with them, levels of communication that you will know about if you read my blog often.
I am after human development - NOT only fun and opinions.

This risk stretches me – too.
This risk troubles me.
This risk hurts when I fail to do what I aimed for.
This risk hurts sometimes.
This risk is sometimes failure.
This risk is fantastic and at it’s deepest and exciting .......... and better than that so often.
I never fail to be impressed at how humans can respond to challenge.

Reality known - confessed - is a great place to start on a new journey ..........

Hope you have a group where you can belong ................. a safe place where you can consider reality and ............. come out .....
if you do or if you don't