Monday, August 06, 2012

Youth Workers at Greenbelt Festival with Martin Saunders

Youth Workers at Greenbelt Festival with Martin Saunders.

Coming along to Greenbelt with a gang of friends is a brilliant experience.
That’s why we love welcoming youth groups through the festival gates…

We want to encourage all youth group leaders to bring young people along to Greenbelt, to challenge them to experience bold and refreshing art, thought-provoking talks and brilliant comedy, as well as all of the great sessions designed specifically for their age group.
Encourage your group to make decisions for themselves, to have open minds to question, disagree or discover!
If you want to discuss with your group some of the issues we will be raising in the Youth sessions before the festival, that would be great. Have a look through the Youth Lineup, and see what interests your young people.
In the dedicated Youth venue, there will be Youth Volunteers available who can help young people make the most of their festival, deal with any issues that might arise, and show them where everything is onsite.
There is also a ‘detached’ team of youth workers onsite all weekend, roaming the site and offering support to young festival-goers between 22.00 and 02.00.
Be sure to point your young people towards the Youth Festival Guides, available from the Youth venue and elsewhere around the site.
Contact our youth participation coordinator Becky Smith before the festival if you have any queries –

And we haven’t forgotten you, the hard working youth leader, in our programming. Instead we have linked up with Martin Saunders from Youthwork Magazine who will be hosting three afternoon sessions across the weekend.

These sessions will be a place to network, hear about issues around youthwork, and pick up some skills to use back at home. 
It’s also a time to take a deep breath and make the most of an hour for your own development.
Come along to Bethany at 15.30 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.