Monday, August 13, 2012

Lisa I love you.

Lisa I love you.

Two years ago tomorrow Lisa dropped off my screen.
She was ever present on Facebook.
Then silence.

She always used to have a screw top coca-cola bottle with her.
It didn't only have coke inside.

She was as vulnerable as hell.
Like all of us - 
but she was so fragile she could not pretend - 
Like we do ........

I led regular group work sessions 
in the hostel where she lived.
She came to every one.
Unless she was on a bender.

She supported me in lots of ways.
She knew that I hoped for someone to open up first.
That gave others permission 
to take that road of vulnerability for themselves.

She helped me
She helped others
by sharing, often slurring, herself in the group.

She was truly a beautiful human.
I could tell you many stories
which would trigger a weeping
but I won't.

I have many Lisa photographs. 
I would love to share a few
but I won't - with deep respect for her.

It wasn't just alcohol - as normal
there was other addictions 
other damage.

Two years ago tomorrow she left the world of pain.
I only discovered weeks later that she died
from a heroin overdose.

I remember your beauty.
Your journey of pain
which you shared with me.

you live on in my memory.
You live on with eternal videos in my head.
Precious one.
May the Divine Taxi driver give you a good ride ......