Thursday, August 09, 2012

I went to The Greenbelt Festival for about 12 years as I was growing up

......this hit my glass screen
-totally cold
-totally warm
It was like a sprinkling of stardust on my soul.
Still is.
I don't get much feed back so I want to share with you,
with permission of course.


Dear pip!

Just wanted to drop you a little note to say thanks.
I went to Greenbelt for about 12 years as I was growing up,
I'm now 26., and subconsciously I know that so much of what you communicated
through the Rolling Magazine, the vibe, ethos, worldview and laughter was so helpful
and has helped to reinforce so much of what God has put in me.

I'm a singer/ songwriter- and have been gently plugging away at the scene
for the last couple of years- in many ways steering clear of the 'Christian'
circuit - to relate with the audience I feel a deep love and passion for.

The ways that you embraced in your heart so many musicians, artists and
bands even now makes me cry.
I'm sure you have times when the dark one deafens your ear,
and sows negativity.
I look forward to the fact that one day,
thanks be to God you will see the impact that your life has had on countless people.

I am one of those lives.

Bless you, you dear dear beautiful man.