Sunday, August 05, 2012

Oppressive Mothers

I am fascinated in the relationships between parents and a child.
My experience is that so many adults are frightened of their Mother. Many spend time with Mother but feel

On one course I led, years ago, one woman in her 40's said she felt oppressed by her Mother and she had been dead for 10 years!

I am fascinated by this issue. Parents who want to control. Want to give advice all the time and use a word I never use -

When the Sheila's left home I decided never to give advice. They share stuff but I never say "I think ...." or "you should..."
I think that is oppressive and does not develop self determination.

A parents job, it seems to me, to to prepare children for adulthood/wholeness and that needs practice from early childhood. Allowing then to take some increasing responsibility along the way.

I have not read this article yet, picture above, but my desire to understand oppression and freedom pulls me to study all this stuff.

Emotional Spiritual Relational Social freedom is a journey well worth exploring.